Séminaire de Quitterie Roquebert le 12 octobre 2023

Quitterie Roquebert (BETA, Université de Strasbourg) animera un séminaire du LEDi le jeudi 12 octobre 2023 à partir de 12h30 en salle des sémianires de la MSH.

Elle présentera le papier suivant :

“Informal Care Outside the Household: Effects on Housework and Leisure Within Couples in France”

Blaise M., Juin S., Le Forner H., Roquebert Q

This paper investigates the effect of providing care to an older parent outside the household on individuals’ time allocation within couples. We focus on time spent on housework, distinguishing between household chores and more enjoyable tasks and on leisure with and without the partner. Data are drawn from the latest French Time-Use Survey (Enquête Emploi Du Temps, 2010). To tackle endogeneity issues, we instrument informal care by having at least one parent alive. Our results differ according to gender.  When providing care, women tend to reduce their participation in total housework. Irrespective of their own caregiving status, they increase their participation in household chores when their male partners care for an older parent. In contrast, men’s time allocation within the household appears to be more rigid to any informal care provision.

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