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Laboratoire d'Economie de Dijon (LEDI)

Les Posters du LEDi

- The Determinants of Coagglomeration from Functional Employment Patterns, Kristian Behrens et Rachel Guillain

- Urban segregation and unemployment: A case study of the urban area of Marseille Aix-en-Provence, Fanny Alivon et Rachel Guillain

- Does accessibility to local public employment agencies matter ? Answers from a French quasi-experiment, Mathieu Bunel et Elisabeth Tovar

- Rent Creation and Rent Sharing: New Measures and Impacts on Productivity, Gilbert Cette, Jimmy Lopez, Jacques Mairesse, Economic Inquiry, 57(4), 2019

- Preference heterogeneity with respect to whole genome sequencing, A discrete choice experiment among parents of children with rare genetic diseases, Christine Peyron, Aurore Pélissier et Sophie Béjean, Social Science & Medicine, 214 (2018), 125-132

- Limits to Arbitrage and Interest Rates: A debate between Hawtrey, Hicks and Keynes, Lucy Brillant

- Thornton's and Hawtrey's Influences on Hicks Theory of Short-Term Rates of Interest, Lucy Brillant

- Central banking under the gold standard: Rist versus Hawtrey on the policy of the Bank of France from 1928 to 1931, Lucy Brillant

- A reconsideration of the role of forward-marked arbitrage in Keynes's and Hicks's theories of the term structure of interest rates, Lucy Brillant

- Environmental Policy in an Endogenous Growth Model with Expanding Variety, Dominique Bianco

- Mass appraisal without statistical estimation: a simplified comparable sales approach based on a spatiotemporal matrix, Sonia Yousfi, Jean Dubé, Diego Legros, Satirios Thanos

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